Nate is off of high flow. In fact he is doing it all on his own- low flow will only be used if he looks to struggle- so far so good though.
When all the stickies come off his face I shall take pics of his mostly naked face. By mostly naked I mean the only thing he will have will be the NG tube for feeds till he gets more comfy with suckling. I’m the only suckling source at the moment but eventually they will introduce him to a bottle for feeds- well that is a special care *coff* fat farm *coff* thing.

Now I never wanted him fed by bottle- but a lot of my wants changed as he is prem. I also never wanted him to have a pacifier before 6-8 weeks and didn’t want him in disposables. Unfortunately- at least until he is at least 3kg his cloth ones may be too big. Well at least I have tha bags of newborn disposables that were given to me by friends whose newborns grew out of them. They should get us through if we need them.

Oooh and Nate is weighing in at 2.498 kg. yes, that is right- he is 2grams at last weigh in from being 2.5 kg which is about 5 lbs 8 ounces.

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